Executive Retreat

Fresh Start Script

The Executive Retreat we facilitate is a unique opportunity for executives to come together as a team to address the deep business issues that block optimal performance if left unresolved.

We create a unique framework to discuss openly and in depth the company’s current reality. At the same time, we encourage each executive to reflect on their personal day-to-day experience as a leader and as an individual. We help define individualized strategies to integrate his/her main personal areas of interest in order to get better business results and personal fulfillment.

Fresh Start delivers the following outcomes:

  • It transforms the group toward being a high performance team with common purpose, goals and approach, and a deeper appreciation for each other’s contribution.
  • It aligns individuals around the desired strategy and culture which creates and enhances esprit de corps within the executive team.
  • It sets the stage for greater satisfaction and enthusiasm through the integration of the main domains of interest: professional, personal, family and community.
  • It stimulates the emotional, social and cognitive intelligence in order to be a resonant leader and get better results with less stress.

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