Coherent Organizational Change

Organizational change accelerates when all involved parties have had the opportunity:

  1. to explore what personal implications change will bring,
  2. to understand one’s role and
  3. to feel trusted to do one’s part.

We support leaders initiating organizational change with a process that strongly aligns them with their teams for the work ahead, right from the onset.


Needed organizational change is much more likely to occur when everyone is involved at the same time, from the beginning, understanding the need for a different approach and having a role in shaping whatever changes.

Our approach is to foster alignment for needed change, resisting the temptation to start by creating a strategy first with the leaders of the organization before reaching out to teams that report to them.

We find that most organizations run the risk of having their leaders and teams evolve at a different pace which diminishes the benefit of the change effort by creating discouragement, frustration, mistrust and skepticism.

We recommend therefore a rolling approach that begins at the top and follows the following protocol:

  • Leaders and team members complete the scans.
  • They meet to understand their organizational reality, explore potentials and commit to action.
  • Results of scans and meeting help define the needed leadership coaching.
  • Each leadership team member begins to plan the scans and meeting with his/her own team.

Coherent Organizational Change


In a matter of weeks, the organizational change process can be implemented and reach several tiers into the organizations. No time is spent on lengthy interviews, compilation of results, interpretation of results. Team members practice self-management from the start. The assessment and benchmarking methods are easy to understand and transparent, and provide a framework for more productive interactions.

Key Benefits

  • Organizational change impact begins from the first engagement
  • Little time and costs are expended in getting started: real work begins at once
  • Organizational data needed for context is streamlined through the use of scans that:
    • Clearly brings out everyone’s perspective in relation to the whole group.
    • Produces easy to understand metrics and allows for a measure of progress
      over time.
    • Generates consistent benchmarks to evaluate which teams need support.
    • Informs the goals and perspective for ongoing coaching and team facilitation.