We work with leaders fully committed to the success of their organizations and to making a difference. We respond to the urgency to act decisively on such challenges as:

  • Develop a new strategy and implement it on a fast track;
  • Re-energize team members and restore collaboration;
  • Tackle persistent performance issues;
  • Roll out organization-wide change.

Rapid Performance Turnaroundâ„¢

For over ten years, leaders trust our proven approach to organizational effectiveness. We deliver the needed results by fostering shared commitments, clear strategies, and solutions that motivate people to take initiative.

High Impact

Both leaders and their teams are relieved that fundamental improvements can take hold with minimal disruption or lost time. Employees shift from negative mindsets and behaviors to generating team-developed solutions and proactive implementations.

Rapid Delivery

While people tend to resist change they do not fully understand, our method lets participants experience positive change quickly. This is important because individuals get energized by their own conviction that this change initiative can be successful and will have benefits for them too.

High Acceptance

The leader’s vision is met with higher acceptance. Teams find agreement and create superior results as they practice and internalize a process with three simple fundamental goals:

  • Ensure that all are able to voice their truth about the situation, and to hear how their colleagues see and live the same collective reality;
  • Explore the entire system for the root causes, i.e. not just the symptomatic issues that a few individuals want to focus on;
  • Build trust by openly raising the questions that have been avoided until then.

From leaders to implementers, team members soon experience the benefits of greater clarity and focus. They readily feel aligned and engaged with the outcomes the group now agrees upon.


Our clients achieve lasting results because we transform the way leaders and teams interact as they confront their most challenging work issues.

Neither team-building nor consulting alone can produce similar results — Team building exercises create an artificial learning environment that is not grounded in work reality, while consulting usually disempowers teams by providing ready-made external solutions.

In contrast we engage people to consider emotional barriers: anger, resentment, fear, while working on their actual issues, be they daily processes that have failed, or a strategic overhaul that requires reorganization.

We work with leaders and their teams to ignite positive change in a matter of days. We then benchmark behaviors and attitudes over a period of 3 months to ground the positive results experienced collectively during the initial facilitation. Positive change begins right away. Organizational effectiveness increases.

Learning happens by doing. The group builds a common awareness of the new generative practices that replace the toxic patterns of the past.

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