Collaboration and Initiative

We build or re-build the trust among leaders and employees to unleash collaboration and initiative. We generate Rapid Performance Turnaround™ by creating the space for teams and leaders to hold the critical conversations that really matter and make a difference. Accelerating change becomes possible when leaders and teams move together toward new perspectives and common conclusions.

Our experience shows that working only with leaders is ineffective, because even when leaders change, it takes a while before teams fully acknowledge and trust that change.
On the other hand, working only with teams will never yield any result if the leader has not changed with the team.

Rapid Performance TurnaroundTeam members can only develop if the leader provides the framework for change and nurtures it constantly. We work with both leaders and teams to establish executive and team coaching practices, conflict resolution, and action planning; all anchored in the reality of everyone’s day-to-day work.

Your organization or team can have concrete results within just a few weeks from the time you contact us. This includes conducting rapid scans of your team’s mindset; arriving on site and conducting the Rapid Performance Turnaround™ session culminating in your team’s agreement to its breakthrough action steps.

We work on establishing trust so everyone can feel safe making commitments and showing initiative. We refocus everyone on what really matters to succeed through a proven integrated approach that supports the leader in making effective decisions throughout the turnaround process, and supports the team members in providing clear direction and a collaborative environment.

Benefits accrue rapidly:

  • Actionable Team Agreements — People are clear and committed about what to do because of the way they achieved their conclusions as a group.
  • High Team Value — The entire process is time and cost effective. Our time is focused on high value-added team dynamics rather than data collection and analysis. The process thoroughly works through all key team issues, and new action steps are immediately possible after the meeting due to heightened understanding and trust.
  • Advances Initiative —Team members discover and practice immediately their own capacity to have the right conversations, find solutions because they have been part of defining what to do next. This enhances individual and team initiative.