We bring our expertise in facilitating exceptional meetings in situations where problems need to be urgently resolved or when a group wants to come together around a new initiative. Our services focus on getting to the conversations that really matter to be held quickly and thoroughly.

In all cases, what we deliver is the ability for the group to speak with candor about their current situation even when they have previously but unable to tackle issues openly. This is the absolute foundation for the group to  be able to get motivated around a common purpose and vision, and to agree to an action plan that everyone agrees on.

Rapid Performance Turnaround™

Our core offering is Rapid Performance Turnaround™. It is particularly designed for groups that need to have an impact in a short period of time. For more details please see Rapid Performance Turnaround™

Executive Onboarding

With this program we accelerate the integration of new executives in their functions. By building mutual understanding and trust in the first weeks of the assignment, we greatly increase the chances of success for the new executive. For more information, please see Executive Onboarding 

Executive Retreats

Designed for Boards or C-suite executives, our retreat allows the group to tackle important business issues while participants develop greater awareness as leaders and individuals, and a greater appreciation of each other. For more information please see Executive Retreat