Solutions Come from Inside

Carlos Ghosn of Renault-Nissan discusses his experience of organizations in trouble. Whatever the organization, it can find inside solutions to its problems. It is a matter of listening to the people who are involved in the key processes.

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Viewpoint on How to Let Solutions Come from Inside the Organization

Bringing out the reality of the situation is the first step to turning around teams in difficulty. Establishing a common reality that everyone can agree on is the absolute necessary phase to turn around a group or an organization. Interviews can provide insights, but there is no solution better than the collective solution generated once the group has come to term with the current reality.

Once people know that everything has been put on the table, that all the unpleasant truths that had been avoided up to then are now in the open, the group begins to rebuild collective trust, and confidence that they can find a solution.

Without the ability for the group to express with candor their collective experience of problems, nothing of substance can be done. Denial and self-protection will continue and no real plan of action will be possible.

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