Candor in the Workplace

Candor in the workplace as Jack Welch describes is the necessary lubricant for organizations to run well. What prevents candor is fear.

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Viewpoint on Candor in the Workplace

In our experience, candor grows when leaders have established the following prerequisite conditions: safety, trust, clarity and transparent accountability.

Once those are in place shifts in performance occur quickly. The stumbling block for leaders is how to prime the pump of this virtuous cycle. And indeed the shift needs to start with a first conversation where participants can express themselves with candor. This is often considered an impossible task because everyone is so set in their own ways.

Yet this is what we accomplish in the very first meeting with our clients’ teams. We specialize in making this first “impossible” group conversation happen. In a matter of hours this new conversation will initiate a shift in mindset of all participants and allow new possibilities for collaboration and initiative.

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